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About Us

The Story of Foundation

PROTOM, was established by Ahmet Fırat in Bursa on June 3, 1996 as a project and contracting company building medium and low voltage industrial power plants.

Building electric power and distribution transformers, industrial power and lighting systems, lightning protection and low current installations, conventional automation etc. projects, Protom also started to offer programmable logic control automation and energy monitoring services beginning from 1998.

Developed its activities in the field of industrial electrical installations, Protom improved its organizational structure with an electrical installation group and an electrical engineering group in 2008, and recently the company also added electrical panel manufacturing and electrical equipment sales to its fields of activities in 2011.

Based on its corporate policies, the company is committed to possessing all the technical equipments and instruments required to offer continuous high quality in electrical engineering, assembly, panel and materials, as well as strictly observing quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental management systems while performing all these services.

Our mission is to become even more competitive by sustaining our customer-focused high quality services within the framework of our total quality management system.

Our Mission



Our vision is to have a voice in our sector and become a determinant as a services group that gained compliment from its customers as result of its corporate and social expertise, and social responsibility.

Our Vision



  • Continually improving the effectiveness of our integrated quality management system.
  • Following closely and adopting technological developments.
  • Enhancing quality awareness, education level, and efficiency among employees.
  • Taking preventative measures at planning stage instead of finding solutions to errors.
  • Satisfying customers' needs and expectations in the best way.
  • Keeping customer satisfaction at maximum level.
  • Complying with occupational health and safety, and environmental legislations related to electricity.
  • Continuously improving the performances of our Quality, Occupational Health & Safety, and Environmental management systems.
  • Targeting unconditional customer satisfaction.
  • Working within the framework of occupational safety and environmental awareness.
  • Accomplishing our job at once - perfectly and completely.
  • Taking job-time plans as reference and following them.
  • And meanwhile, sharing and developing.